Hi, I’m Renata, the face of AToZ UK, des

The story of FunKitZ by AToZ UK

Designed for Fun and Play

Hi, I’m Renata, the founder of FunKitz by AToZ UK, designer of fun products and mother of two beautiful and very active kids. We started FunKitZ to help our daughter settle in when she started school. As a parent, we
always want our kids to be happy and make friends and seeing my daughter struggle to make
connections inspired us to design our products. We love to have fun and play, and we wanted to
incorporate this into our designs. Creating fun kids accessories that bring together fun and functionality,
encouraging children to interact with each other and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It's proven that children develop better when they are having fun; that is why we have created our range of colourful, unique and engaging designs that encourage kids to explore and be more active.


Our goal is that our FunKitZ's products can build children's confidence and give them the tools to
have fun, build friendships and make connections.
We combine the novelty of Fun designs with Purpose and Functionality!


 Check it out and start shopping today.