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Become a FunKitZ Brand Ambassador

The Brand Ambassador's role is to promote our company’s image. We want you to create successful initiatives that promote our brand and be a part of our journey.

What is our offer to you (Benefits):

  • Brand ambassadors saving: You will receive an exclusive 25% discount on all our products for any purchase you personally make (BA CODE) . Note: this code is to be used only by you and cant be shared under any circumstances. 

  • Potential to make extra money: We will provide you with a 10% discount code (Followers Code) that you can share with friends, family and teammates offline and through your social media accounts (e.g., Instagram & Facebook). For every individual who uses your code and purchase through our website you will earn 10% commission of their total purchases. 

  • Commission on all complete orders online using your Followers Code will be paid out to you monthly via Paypal.

  • We will offer you the opportunity (optional) to be featured on our FunKitZ Brand Ambassadors page with a picture, a short bio and with links to all of your social media profiles.

  • Exclusivity on new products: You will be the first to know about any new product we are launching and will have a chance to purchase them at a special price. 

  • In addition we offer one free product of your choice for every 10 sales made via our website tracked using your follower code which you can then use for giveaway competitions for example. 

There is a 3 month trial period as we’d like to evaluate your activity on and offline and see how many sales you generate.

If you’ve done the amazing job that we believe you can do and reach 10 sales using your Followers code, after the first 3 months we will look to increase your Personalised discount from 25% to 30%. 

What do we expect from you: 

  • We require our Brand Ambassadors to be social media savvy and good at engaging with people to spread the word about FunKitZ.

  • To post at least four pictures/videos every month showing our product and promoting our brand. (Tagging is so we can use the content on our page) 

  • To use our hashtags #funkitz #funkitzwaterbottles #funkitzfamily and also include your Followers Code. 

  • Share, Like, Comment on our posts on a regular basis

As our brand grows and we develop new products we would like to include you in the development process of our products for your invaluable feedback and testing. 

In return for your work and support, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador.

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