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Brand Ambassadors


Lucas Newman

Lucas is our little superstar footballer with huge potential! He currently plays for Chelsea and Pompay’s Development Teams. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this footie star becoming a football legend! 

Part time footballer, part time influencer and full time FUN kid!

Find out more about Lucas, and follow him on Instagram


Max Graevski

Max is our first international ambassador! Max is only 3,5 year old and has been playing tennis since he was 18 months old!
Max is the youngest winner of the QTP Russian Tennis Federation championship at 3,2 years old and works really hard everyday to become a “tennis Rockstar for his country Russia”.

Find out more about Max, and follow him on Instagram

Olympia Lolly

Olympia is our cute little superstar! I mean just take a look at her face, doesn’t it make you go Aww? Olympia is only 3 years old and started her modelling/acting career when she was less than one year old! She loves horse riding and enjoying the outdoors with her big sister Mila.

Find out more about Olympia, and follow her on Instagram

Mason O' Reilly

Mason is our Irish footy superstar! 

He’s only 4yo but his determination and persistence to always get better is inspiring! His page is full of great videos and content, which we are sure will inspire and motivate any aspiring footballer! 

We wouldn’t be surprised to see him fulfilling his dream of playing for the Boys in Green someday! 

Find out more about Mason, and follow him on Instagram


Rafaela Pregal

Rafaela is 9 years old and an extremely talented young tennis player, she was runner up in the Avon County Championships last year and passionate about tennis and children’s mental health. 
Rafaela is a new upcoming influencer and a force to be reckoned with. She’s a great content creator, amazing girl and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

Find out more about Rafaela, and follow her on Instagram


Joel Fletcher

Joel is10 years old and football mad. He currently plays for KPFC Royals but just before Covid was scouted by Norwich City and Ipswich Town and trains with both teams. He is a pretty laid back kid until he gets onto the football pitch. Joel has a huge future ahead of him and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the Premier League some day.

Find out more about Joel, and follow him on Instagram

Aiden Fleming

Aiden is an excellent baller and such a cool kid! His Instagram is full of amazing content, but not only that, he is super dedicated and hard working. He currently plays for Berks Elite FC, and we are sure that he will become a football legend! 

Find out more about Aiden, and follow him on Instagram


Theo Mahoney

Theo is 9yo and already a signed footy star! He lives and breathes football and works hard to achieve excellence. Theo's motto is "Aim to be the best and nothing less" which really describes his attitude to football and life.

Find out more about Theo, and follow him on Instagram


Just Play Basketball

Just Play is a community organisation that connects the basketball community, they have ballers from different backgrounds, skills sets etc, coming together to scrimmage. During COVID when all their sessions had to be closed they launched the #bounceback campaign providing much needed mental health support to all ballers and they are now back at work doing what they love supporting ballers in the community! 

Find out more about Justplay, and follow them on Instagram


Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth brings experience to our brand ambassador team. She plays nationally and internationally and lives and breathes tennis. 
Elizabeth has won numerous tournaments in the UK and abroad and hopes to one day be part of the WTA winning tournaments all over the world. Which we are sure she will achieve with her determination and perseverance. 

Find out more about Elizabeth, and follow her on Instagram

Paisley Fleming

Paisley is Aiden’s sister (our first sibling duo!) and a little ray of sunshine! 
Paisley is only four years old but has been playing football since she was two, and like all little princesses, she loves unicorns too!
Who said that unicorns and football don’t go together?

Find out more about Paisley, and follow her on Instagram


Leo Eastwood

Footballer, influencer, model, youtuber, you name it Leo can do it all. 
Leo plays for the Kidderminster Harriers, and with a nickname of mini Messi you can guess how good of a footballer he is. His Instagram is always buzzing with new and innovative content so go check it out! 

Find out more about Leo, and follow him on Instagram


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