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Kids Lunchbag / Opens Into Placemat


The deluxe AToZ Adventure Race Lunch Bag was designed by a UK mum to assist your child to build friendships, have fun with friends and/or family and spend time away from electronic devices! 

The game can be played in many ways: 

  • You can play a simple race to the finish game 

  • Collect points and perform provided actions (most points win) 

  •  Use your imagination to create your very own set of actions and have a unique experience every time

A world away from a regular lunch bag, the race game bag is made from durable, premium quality materials and cleverly combines a fun portable game board with game pieces, dice and a multi-use, versatile outside pocket.  

With our AToZ Kid's Game Lunch Bag you can take the fun wherever you go! 


Product Information

A protective eating surface

AToZ’s lunch bag for kids folds totally flat to provide a clean surface to eat off, protecting against germs. Our lunch bag for girls and boys was borne out of necessity after our daughter had a hard time making friends at her new school. We crafted her a neoprene lunch bag designed to start conversations and encourage interaction. Our kids lunch bag was such a success in the playground that we’ve now made it available to the rest of the world.

Built kid-tough
Here’s what makes our lunch bag for boys and girls special:

  • Easy open: this lunch bag kids has large zipper tabs.

  • Multi function: our three in one lunch sack carries food, provides a protected surface to eat off and is also a board game.

  • Fun design: our boy’s and girl’s lunch bag is gender neutral.

  • Lightweight: this cute lunch bag is easy to carry.

  • Outer pocket: our lunch bag tote has a sealable outer pocket.

  • Flat folding: this girl’s and boy’s lunch bag saves on space.

  • Less germs: lay our lunch bag on any surface for better protection against bacteria.

Way more fun than origami
The AToZ neoprene bag features a board game printed on the inside, with included dice and emoji game markers. This foldable lunch bag is great for road trips, trains or planes and doubles as a protective surface to help prevent the spread of germs.

Clean and hygienic
With public tables and schools serving as breeding grounds for bacteria, this soft lunch box can be unfolded anywhere to provide a clean eating surface. Easily sterilise your washable lunch bag with soap and warm water. You can even wipe your neoprene tote bag with alcohol to kill any nasties.

Manufacturer guarantee
If you don’t love AToZ’s kids lunch bags, simply let us know what the issue is with your reusable lunch sack and we’ll make things right.

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