Fun Free Printable Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and with the kids off for half term I have created a few printable activities that are cheap, easy to setup and play which I am sure will keep the kids entertained. Better still you have some fun decorations for Halloween too!

Printable Roll A Spooky Pumpkin Game

We are a big fans of drawing and dice games. So we decided to combine them both into this fun Roll a Spooky Pumpkin game.

This game is so easy and super fun, all you need is a dice, pens/pencil, printable template (get it below) and your imagination! This is a perfect game for Halloween parties or themed craft days.

Roll a Witch
Download PDF • 88KB

How to Play The Game

  1. Print as many of the free templates as you need according to the number of players.

  2. Each player rolls the die, matches the number to the key on the template, and draws the corresponding item on their Pumpkin.

  3. So for instance, if you roll a 1, you add the eyes. Roll a 4, you add the nose. If you roll a number you’ve already rolled, you miss your turn.

  4. Keep rolling until you finish off your Spooky Pumpkin face.

Spooky Halloween Paperchain

Whenever my daughter is on holiday or wants to do a fun craft we end up making paper dolls chains, she loves colouring them in and inventing different characters. So why not make Spooky Halloween Paperchains?

They are super fun for the kids and a great way to build motor skills too.

Check out my free printable template, all you need to do is print the template, concertina fold the paper and cut around the spooky pictures, let the kids colour and decorate them and there you have it, fun craft and Halloween decoration all in one.

Halloween paper chain
Download PDF • 28KB

Indoors Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? Mix it with some colouring and you definitely have a winning combination.

In this template you will find a fun Halloween

Scavenger Hunt that you can do indoors

(great for lockdown or rainy days). Print the

template, let the kids colour in the figures on

the second page, cut them out and place them

around the house for them to find.

You can add some sweets in each location

for an extra special Halloween treat.

indooors halloween scavenger hunt!
Download PDF • 286KB

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