Fun Free Printable Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

We love to make Easter day as magical as possible for our children. So, every Easter since our daughter was little, we have set up a special Easter Egg hunt done by the Easter bunny himself. She loves waking up in the morning and finding a letter and a trail of paw prints with clues to find the big Easter surprise that the Easter Bunny has hidden somewhere in the house just for her.

This year as we are all stuck inside our houses, I have created this very fun Easter Egg Hunt Treasure Map to make it easier for us to set up the hunt at night. I am planning to hide small chocolate eggs in each of the places indicated by the clues and leave the map by her door with bunny prints leading to each place.

So, if you are scrambling for ideas for what to do on Easter morning, download my FREE Easter Egg Hunt Treasure Map and make it special and fun.

Happy Hunting!

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