Fun Story Writing Activities for Kids - FREE PRINTABLE!

Are you struggling to make learning fun or just looking for some ways to help your child to release their creative skills?

Who has never created funny stories or had a laugh playing word games like : Hang man, Charades, Mad Libs and Consequences to name just a few?

Writing stories is a great way to teach children literacy and Fill in the blanks stories (Mad Libs) are a great way to teach children the importance of descriptive words and how one single word can change the meaning of an entire story, it also helps with their creative writing skills, build their vocabulary and teach reading and writing while having lots of fun!

Children love to read the finished stories and see how different the same story can turn out just by changing a few words.

We had lots of fun creating the stories I'm sharing with you in this blog, my daughter had so much fun playing them with us and they made my husband reminisce of his childhood playing with his grandmother who taught him how to play most of the games/activities I share with you in my blogs.

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Fill in the blanks Consequences

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