How we can help our children to grow up mentally healthy

Did you know that according to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people? And sadly, only 30% of kids who experience mental health issues have had an appropriate intervention.

Children's Emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health and is the mechanism they need to cope with any life issues they may encounter.

Here are a few things that can help children grow up mentally healthy:

1. Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated

2. Having time to play indoors and outdoors

3. Taking part in local activities

4. Having a healthy family relationship

5. Having the opportunity and freedom to talk about their feelings

6. Being listening, understood, loved, valued, and safe.

Here are some Indoor activities that promote wellbeing

1. Write a letter or a hand-drawn card

Ask your child to write down the people they are missing the most, write them a letter or card, or write it for them if they can’t write it themselves.

2. Family Game’s night

Set a day of the week for family games, play your favourite board games, charades, Hama beads or watch a nice movie with popcorn!

Just before lockdown, we started this tradition with our 6yo, and it’s the best day of the week! We play lots of games (What’s that Smell, Scrabble, Beat the Parents and Hama beads are a few of our favourites!)

3. Keep active

a. Dance games: pick a song and play a silly moves contest, we also love playing Just Dance.

b. Hide and seek: my kids love this classic game, and you can also get a few things done if you take your time to find them.

c. Tag or make it more interesting by adding tickles.

d. Follow the leader.

e. Indoors sports - throw balls into a basket or play balloon tennis.

f. The floor is lava - make up obstacles and a designated “lava” area and have fun planning how to get to the finishing line.

4. Try Yoga or Mindfulness activities

There are loads of free resources and videos available online. We love Cosmic Yoga (the Banana Yoga is my kids favourite)

My daughter also loves doing show your emotion activities so I created this fun Emotional Kitty template (download and print yours below) she likes to make up pretend stories with each character.

Emotional Kitty
Download • 207KB

5. Cook together

Cooking and baking are so satisfying. My kids love the mess and tasty treats.

6. Read

Reading is one of the best learning activities. It’s fun and promotes creative thinking!

What activities do you do with your kids to help them grow a healthy mindset?

Happy mind, Healthy body

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