Stay Home Superheroes Fun indoors play

With school closures starting today and with more and more people having to self isolate because of the Coronavirus (COVID19) we parents are faced with lots of challenges:

How to work from home?

Should I be homeschooling?

What to teach the kids and how?

And most importantly how to keep the kids entertained and avoid boredom while cooped up inside the house?

Although I don’t have the answers to all the other questions, I can definitely help with great ideas for indoors play, tried and tested on my daughter. 😉

My daughter is really crafty and quite the artist (its her superpower), she really enjoys creating things. This passion of hers came in handy when we had her baby brother as it would be almost impossible for me to keep her entertained otherwise.

But don’t worry if your child is not the crafty type, my fun play suggestions are great for all kids, they have just the right balance of actions and making so fun for everyone!

Here is a list of super fun things to do at home that will keep your child happy, don’t take long to set up and you can play with your older child while looking after the little one. All you need is paper and a good imagination!

Check out our video on YouTube showing us having fun playing Some of the games!

1. Draw, Fold and Pass or as my daughter calls it Head, Body and Legs. I don’t know the real name of this game (let me know if you do!) but we have lots of fun playing it! This is one of my daughter’s favourite paper games and her daddy taught us to play, he learnt from his grandma (so it’s been in the family for generations).

Take a piece of A4 paper and cut it in 4. Each person gets one piece and have to secretly draw a face and neck folding it over leaving the neck visible for the next person to draw the upper body, fold and pass to the next person to draw the legs, fold pass and draw feet. When it’s all done and everyone has had a turn on each paper unfold the paper to see the hilarious master pieces!

2. Play object scavenger hunt : make a list of some objects or take some pictures of objects that you find around the house. Give the kids the list, the child who finds the most objects is the winner or you can set a challenge to play against the time or time each child individually, fastest to find all objects wins.

3. Blindfold drawings: the players have to draw a picture of an agreed item with their eyes closed or blindfolded. As the drawing progresses, you can suggest items to add to the picture, such as adding a hat to a picture of a person.

4. Paper balls competition: make about 10 paper balls for each player, set an area for each player to seat. Wearing blindfolds or with eyes closed each player must throw the balls out of their area and into their opponents’. Set a timer, the one with the least balls in their area is the winner! Alternatively you can play this game with plastic balls.

5. Make paper dolls: take a piece of A4 paper and fold in half landscapes style. Fold it into quarters accordion (pleated) style. The number of folds in the paper determines the number of people in the chain. Draw the outline of a person whose hands extend to touch the folds of the paper on the side. Cut around the outline and open the paper to reveal your paper dolls chain, now let the kids style them out! They can colo each one and make different faces or you can create another game by rolling a dice and the child have to use the numbe of colours shown in the dice.

6. Draw animals using the outline of your hands. Just google “drawing animals with your hands” there are a lot of great videos you can follow together!

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